Systematic Investment Plan Online

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Mutual Fund Systematic Investment Plan refers to the process where the investor has to invest a particular amount of money in the same mutual fund scheme, over a fixed period of time intervals. Systematic Investment Plan Online is a process by which you can do your SIP investment online, using your Demat account or mutual fund account through methods of E banking and Net Banking transactions. For that the following steps need to be ensured.

1. You need to have a proper account with your investment Bank, for the purpose of mutual fund investment. Your details and personal information should be provided to the Bank and Net Banking features enabled for the account.

The Mutual Fund investment details, how much is to be paid, or returned will be available as a bank statement from the investor whenever the investor logs in from his account through online facilities.

You may need certain verification process to opt for after submission of KYC, each time you log in. It may include call from the Investment bank, or a video call, or OPT that will be registered with your phone number or provided Email address.

You may need to fill out a form, to apply for a specific time period, or invest in a SIP in order to apply for, or take back your investments.
Once you receive the OTP you can also take help from the online catalogues on various plans, if you need advice.

Systematic Investment Plans Online are easy to access, anywhere, any time and also keep a clear tab of the investment you make.

Transparency and security are the key to any online transaction. You have to make sure your account details, transactions and cash details are safe and secured with your trusted investment bank or broker. Once that requirement is met with, SIP online is the easiest way to invest.