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What is a Regulation A+ Transfer Agent and Why You Need One?

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While Regulation A has been available for many years, it’s not used or highly popular because of all the rules required to raise capital. Now called Regulation A+, it can now be used to raise more capital from unaccredited and accredited investors. The new funding limits include $20 million

Top Signs Your NJ Business Needs Accounting Services

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When small businesses start out in New Jersey as a sole proprietorship and perhaps even as a part-time home business, keeping the accounting, and financial records for the business is often very simple. There are a limited number of suppliers and customers, and there is no need to worry

Signs your Stock’s Numbers are Falsified

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There are few prospects that should terrify you as an investor more than the possibility that the stocks you’ve bought are secretly overvalued. This can be due to the business being unsustainable on a foundational level, outright fraud, or a long detailed web of smaller deceptions. The fact is