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by | Jul 21, 2017 | Insurance


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In California, all auto owners must purchase at least liability and uninsured motorist coverage. They must present proof of coverage when registering their vehicle at the Department of Motor Vehicles. They must also keep proof of coverage in the vehicle to present to law enforcement. A local agent can provide the owner with a Car Insurance Quote in Salinas to help the owner find the best deal possible.

Information About the Drivers

When approaching the insurer, the owner must have details about all drivers who could drive the vehicle. This includes their spouse and all household members who possess a driver’s license. The owner must present details such as the driver’s license number, name, and social security number for all drivers. The insurer will also need their dates of birth. The details are needed to conduct an assessment for each driver listed on the policy.

Details About Each Vehicle

The owner must provide information about each vehicle that is added to the policy. This includes the vehicle identification number, the make, model, and color of the vehicle. The color of the vehicle could affect the premiums if any vehicle is classified as a sports car.

Selecting a Policy Type

The auto owner must review the premiums for each coverage level as well as their benefits to make a decision. The agent can provide them with complete details based on the driving record of all drivers listed on the policy. This helps them determine what is affordable while remaining compliant with state laws.

Banking Information for Payments

The auto owner can provide banking information to the insurer to process the insurance purchase. They could acquire discounts if they allow the insurer to deduct an automatic draft when the premiums are due. They could also acquire discounts if they choose to pay every six months or annually.

In California, all auto owners are required to purchase auto liability and uninsured motorist coverage. They must also insure all drivers who could operate their vehicle at any time. Auto owners who need a Car Insurance Quote in Salinas can visit us website and submit a request now.

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