How to buy mutual funds – Explained

by | Jan 11, 2018 | Investment Services


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It is now a cakewalk to buy almost EVERYTHING online, including the latest gadgets and gizmos. So why not take the online route when it comes to buying mutual funds too? Fund houses and online portals are turning more and more concerned to address this need with every passing day. Not only are online portals slowly proliferating, top mutual funds India houses are also actively promoting their online transaction portals. If you are keen to know how to buy mutual funds, read on:

  • AMC websites: most fund companies offer their products to investors just with a few clicks. Through their websites, you can easily transact in mutual funds online. This may not be very convenient although it becomes a really affordable investor proposition for sure
  • Broker platforms: if you have an online trading account for stocks, mutual funds can be bought through the same channel provided the broker offers such a facility. Bigger brokerages in recent times are anyway tied to mutual fund exchanges such as the BSE and the NSE. All you need to do is go to the online terminal for trading at your broker’s site and then choose the scheme that you want from the wide range of options available online. These units will get directly credit to the demat account that you have.
  • Independent portals: Independent web portals- FundsIndia and Fundsupermart- also cater to mutual fund investors, facilitating them to buy and sell online without any extra cost. Simply create a free online account with them, following which you can enjoy access to the entire universe of mutual funds. Easy online payments are also ensured since most of these portals have partnerships with top banks. There are several added features and advantages that are gained by users of these portals. These portals are also very easy to understand from a layman’s point of view.

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