Online Mutual Fund Trading

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Investment and financial industry is most prone to innovation. Since today everything is interconnected and while information and service is available within a click of a button. Mutual Fund industry is not immune to this development either. Today you can buy units, invest in funds or trade actively by investing in ETF type of Mutual Fund. While one needs demat account to invest in ETF funds, other funds can be invested in without demat account. With Quantum you can do it with just 3 simple steps. Quantum Mutual Fund has a tool called asset allocator which can help an investor bifurcate his investment according to one’s ability to undertake risks.

You can either log on to a AMC’s website and choose a fund you desire to invest in or you can log into your demat account and search for a fund you desire to invest in. Once you search it in via demat you can invest it in either in the form of Lumpsum or SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). SIP is the most famous mode to invest in Mutual Fund. It’s widely practiced with people belonging to different backgrounds and professions. You can invest via SIP with as low as 500. You can also choose between growth option and dividend option to when you select a mutual fund. Quantum Mutual Funds youtube page is very informative and teaches you about mutual fund investing and the factors that can affect the markets or can influence the mutual fund industry.