Scenarios and Questions: Receive an Insurance Quote in Sunnyvale and Learn the Details of coverage

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Insurance


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Insurance is not always clear, and that’s frustrating. A policy should be clear, and the best teams strive to make sure that every piece of the policy makes complete sense. But, below are three scenarios that can leave some wiggle room or confuse the matter of the policy. Call for an Insurance Quote in Sunnyvale for more. Are these drivers covered in these situations?

Flood from a Mudslide

California drivers may actually fall victim to a mudslide. A mudslide is confusing because it isn’t a flood and it isn’t a landslide. It’s a bit of both, and a bad insurance company could make the argument in their favor.

Where was the car? Was it on the property? Was it in a parking lot? In this case, the business owners may be responsible, which may change the course of the claim. Was someone else driving the vehicle? Always consider these matters.


The car is set on fire. It’s an obvious insurance claim, or it would seem so. Was the fire due to a lightning strike? If so, it may fall under natural disasters. If the fire was due to an engine malfunction, it could result in a different scenario in the plan.

Working Out a Plan

A good insurance company will seek to answer as many questions as possible regarding these scenarios. The big concern is clarity. Not all scenarios can be walked through, but the language needs to be clear enough to make sure the driver is protected from them regardless. Typically, a full-bodied comprehensive insurance package covers all of these scenarios no matter the nuance. It is when a driver is picking apart the insurance and cutting features (liability packages, non-insured, etc) where the coverage can be dicey.

Still confused about how to approach it all? Get a quick Insurance Quote in Sunnyvale right now. Visit the website at  to learn about the basic details. Ask as many questions as needed to make sure that the best possible plan is being purchased. Do not settle for less. Jump into a car every morning, knowing that any possible threat can be thwarted and protected from with a surefire insurance plan.

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