The possible benefits of refinancing your mortgage

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Financial Services


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A mortgage is one of the biggest payments that most people have during their lives. When you take out a mortgage, it’s for a specific amount and you will agree to the term over which you will repay the loan. Most mortgages are for either ten, fifteen or thirty years. Once you take out a mortgage, there will be an interest rate that you will pay on the principle you have borrowed. The total amount of principle and interest will be repaid, usually on a monthly basis. Once your mortgage is in place, you will become accustomed to these monthly repayments and these will continue for the length of the agreement. Interest can be a huge part of the mortgage and some people complain that they barely see a reduction in the principle owed on their loan for several years, as they are simply paying off interest charges.

How mortgage payments can be changed

There are two ways that you can agree to the interest on a mortgage when you are first negotiating a loan. The first way is through agreeing to a fixed-rate, and the other depends on an adjustable rate. Most financial institutions use the adjustable rate, but this should always be discussed and explained to you. What this means is that when interest rates increase, your monthly payments will increase correspondingly, and vice versa. If you are on a fixed rate, you will continue to have the same monthly mortgage payment, even if interest rates increases. If you’re in this type of situation, you are probably missing out on the benefit of the very low interest rates that are available at the moment. This is when you should seriously consider a refinance of the mortgage rates of your Knoxville home.

Why consider refinancing?

It stands to reason that if you can refinance your mortgage to a lower interest rate, you will be saving money on your monthly payments. Also, if you agree to a fixed-rate on your refinanced mortgage, you won’t be charged more when interest rates inevitably start to rise again. If you have equity on your home, you might even refinance and cash out your home equity to provide money for a specific project or to invest in another property. It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve and how much debt you have, but it would definitely be worth discussing your options with your bank to see if you can improve your financial situation.

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