Increase Your Auto Insurance to Protect Your Business in Chicago, IL

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Commercial drivers participating in rideshare or food delivery businesses need additional insurance to bridge the gap between their company’s commercial and driver’s auto policies. Reviewing options for rideshare insurance in Illinois helps you maximize coverage and protect your vehicle and investments.

What is Included in the Policy?

The rideshare insurance in Illinois increases the coverage amount to give the auto owner more protection for their vehicle. Most rideshare companies add the car to their commercial auto insurance policy to cover accidents when the driver performs business services. However, the auto owner must purchase and maintain personal auto insurance to cover the vehicle when driving for personal reasons.

Coverage for Auto Damage

As a rideshare driver, you can get the policy yourself to increase coverage after an accident damages your automobile. For example, suppose you need more coverage between commercial and personal auto. In that case, rideshare insurance could increase how much you receive and help you recoup financial losses.

Is It a Standalone Policy?

No, an auto owner cannot purchase the insurance as a standalone policy. Instead, the coverage is an add-on to increase insurance coverage for accidents, liabilities, and property damage. Most states do not require insurance, but purchasing it could mitigate losses for these drivers.

Rideshare services provide transportation for passengers or deliver food from local restaurants. Drivers who participate in these services need adequate insurance coverage to protect their vehicles and reduce financial losses. Contact Accurate Auto Insurance to get rideshare coverage.