Improving Your Life with Mobile Banking

by | Apr 16, 2018 | Bank


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On days when your life becomes exceedingly busy, it’s easy to let some tasks fall by the wayside. Taking care of business at the bank can often result in extra errands, but a quick app download can help save you some valuable time! If you’re looking to add some speed and efficiency to your life in Daytona Beach, mobile banking is the way to go!

Personal Convenience

Keeping track of your finances on the go can be challenging, but mobile apps make it easy. You can use your banking app to check your balance while in line at the grocery store, see your account info after regular banking hours, or even pay bills during a bus ride. Smartphones allow you to transfer funds between accounts and pay bills online, and even basic phones can gain access to account balances and transaction histories via text messages.

Better Business

Manage your business finances from work or home by banking on your phone! Wire transfers and account activity can be monitored easily from many banking apps, and some banks even offer a remote deposit option for checks, saving you the hassle of traveling to a separate location to deposit important checks. Worried about security? Mobile apps require multifactor authentication and can monitor your accounts for suspicious activity.

No More Paper

Bills and paper bank statements can quickly accumulate on your desk or in your file cabinet, leaving you with a cluttered mess to sort through later. With paperless online banking, you can get rid of the stress and the mess. Mobile apps allow you to view account information directly from your phone, and it guarantees that all your previous statements will be in the same place.

The next time you need to take care of your finances in Daytona Beach, consider making the switch to mobile banking. Whether you want to completely change up your banking style or you just need to make a quick deposit, a banking app can help you out.

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