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by | Nov 18, 2021 | Insurance


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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) lead to the development of marketplaces in which people could choose their health insurance plan. These public health insurance marketplaces offer a solution to people who do not have access to employer-based health coverage and who are not old enough to qualify for Medicare coverage. Our health insurance marketplace enrollment Atlanta GA has simplified the process for finding the right plan and getting the insurance coverage that you need.

You can search through the plan options based on your coverage needs. You can also sort through the plans based on the deductible, copay, coinsurance, and premiums. If you also need dental insurance, there are plans available. Getting a quote for coverage is fast and easy. Just enter your information, and you will get a no-obligation quote.

This type of health insurance coverage is ideal for self-employed individuals. Perhaps you work in the gig economy. Maybe you are a freelancer. You might even run your own business from home. When you are in one of these situations, you do not have access to a health insurance plan offered by a private employer. We have set up different types of plans, including PPO and HMO options. You can also choose an affordable high-deductible plan. This type of plan will meet your needs if you have an extraordinary medical event that results in hospitalization and high medical expenses.

When you are in search of health insurance, we offer simplified health insurance marketplace enrollment Atlanta GA. The range of available plans for individuals and families includes affordable prices and different coverage options. For more information, give us at Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace a call today.

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