Ways to Qualify for Discounts on Illinois Vehicle Auto Insurance

by | May 6, 2022 | Auto Insurance


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Automobile owners naturally prefer saving money on insurance while still having the coverage they want. An independent agent for Illinois vehicle auto insurance can provide quotes from different companies offering various discounts. Those discounts could bring the rate down substantially.

Maintain a Clean Driving Record

Many insurance companies offer discounts to applicants with clean driving records. The premium could decrease yearly if the policyholder is never cited for moving violations. It’s particularly important to never be arrested for driving under the influence.

Use Certain Payment Methods

An easy way to save money on Illinois vehicle auto insurance is to use the most affordable premium payment method. The cheapest option is signing up for automatic withdrawals from the customer’s checking account when the policy renews. If it’s difficult to make a large payment twice a year, there may be an option to have automatic withdrawal done monthly. Paying online directly each month may cost slightly more, but it’s still less than mailing a check or presenting a debit card at the agency office.

Uncontrollable Aspects

Some aspects are uncontrollable by the applicant. For instance, lower rates usually are offered to applicants who are beyond the young adult years. Underwriters know that, on average, young adults are riskier drivers. That particularly applies to single males. People generally receive fewer citations as they get older. They gain more experience behind the wheel and learn the painful expense of tickets for speeding and running red lights.

Independent agents can discuss various kinds of coverage offered by different insurers and point out possibilities for saving money. Contact Accurate Auto Insurance for more information.

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