Transferring a 401(k) Balance to an IRA in Colusa

by | Jun 16, 2016 | Financial Services


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More and more professionals in the area are saying goodbye to conventional employment and striking out on their own. With employers so regularly viewing their employees as essentially disposable and interchangeable with others, it can well make good sense for the most talented to seek security of a different kind. Going out on one’s own as a freelancer or contractor, on the other hand, does mean giving up on some of the things that make life easy and reliable for the average worker. For one thing, those who go this route need to take their retirement plans into their own hands, with no corporate support generally be available.

In many cases, making the transition will require the conversion of an existing 401(k) retirement plan into one that can be managed by the individual. Setting up such an IRA in Colusa tends to be relatively easy to do, with many advisors and financial experts being capable of helping with the process. On the other hand, there are some important details to be aware of, failing to account for any of which could result in the need to pay penalties, or other potentially unfortunate outcomes.

In most cases, though, moving the balance from a 401(k) into an IRA in Colusa will be entirely routine. A financial advisor who handles the process will normally make sure that the custodian destined to receive the funds is equipped to live up to the requirements imposed by the IRS and the relevant regulations. Typically, this transfer will be conducted in such a way that no further taxes will need to be paid, although those opting to take the opportunity to convert to a Roth-style account will need to come up with this money.

Otherwise, though, all that it normally takes to complete the process successfully is a little bit of patience, some professional assistance, and attention to a few important details. Browse our website or that of another company that regularly deals with such needs, and a visitor will find that the work involved is generally easy to handle and of a straightforward sort. Even if there are pitfalls that can crop up along the way, they are generally easy to recognize and anticipate.

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