Surprising Things That May Be Covered by Your Chicago Auto Insurance Plan

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Realtime Financial Services


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Agents are accustomed to questions regarding what is and is not covered in a Chicago auto insurance plan. Car insurance is important, especially when you take into consideration the great coverage benefits of which you may not even be aware.


Imagine leaving your vehicle parked while you go see a movie. When you return, you discover that there are scratches all over the car you have only been driving for a couple of months. This can be an extremely frustrating situation. However, if your Chicago auto insurance plan includes comprehensive coverage, you can breathe easy. Comprehensive coverage covers not only vandalism but also countless other events that may affect your vehicle when there is no accident.

A Child’s Car Seat

Car seats are not only required by law but vital to the safety of children traveling in cars. Unfortunately, the cost of replacing a car seat that has been damaged in an accident can create a substantial financial burden. Fortunately, your Chicago auto insurance plan could help relieve some of that financial stress.

Because a child’s car seat is attached to the vehicle, it is basically considered to be a part of the car. If the seat is damaged in an accident, then the cost of replacement will be covered in the collision portion of your insurance policy.

Personal Property

While a laptop or cell phone may not be covered by your Chicago auto insurance plan, liability coverage will cover the cost of damage to your personal property if someone else causes the accident. Likewise, if you are found to be at fault, your liability coverage will cover the cost of any personal property belonging to the other driver that is damaged as a result of the accident.

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