Questions to Ask Insurance Agents in Grafton, MA

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Insurance Agents


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There is no doubt that the average individual needs personal insurance. While some coverage is provided by employers, other forms of coverage must be secured on an individual basis. When talking with any of the insurance agents in Grafton MA, it makes sense to ask some questions. Here are a few examples of what needs to be explored during that conversation.

How Much Coverage is Enough?

As any of the Insurance Agents in Grafton MA will attest, the answer to this question will vary based on the circumstances of the client. For example, perhaps the plan is to secure life insurance. How much would it take to ensure that loved ones are financially secure if the covered party were to pass away suddenly? This means taking into account factors like the monthly mortgage payment, the car loan, and the average cost of food, clothing, and shelter. The goal is to make sure there is enough life insurance in place to keep the family secure while they adjust to the change. It wouldn’t hurt to have enough insurance to cover any end of life expenses, up to and including the funeral and burial costs.

Is Bundling a Good Idea?

There’s nothing new about the idea of insurance bundling, but many people are not sure how it works. Essentially, this approach involves purchasing different forms of coverage from a single provider. For example, the client may secure home, life, and auto insurance from that one provider. This approach often means being able to receive a discount and save a lot of money each month. Since the plan is to make those premium payments on time, the client does not have to keep up with different due dates and run the risk of not having the cash on hand to pay those premiums.

How Hard Is It to Update Insurance Policies?

The day may come when there’s the need to make some type of change to a policy. It pays to understand what sort of process is necessary. Perhaps the person who is named the beneficiary of the life insurance plan is no longer around. That means naming a new beneficiary and updating the policy information.

Don’t put off securing the right insurance any longer. Visit us today and arrange to speak with an agent. It won’t take long to come up with a plan that is ideal and comes with an affordable premium.

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