Poor Driving Can Result in You Having to Get an SR22

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Car Insurance


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Poor driving can result in you having to get a Sr22 insurance policy. Many states are cracking down on drivers who have been to court several times for reckless driving habits such as too many tickets in a short amount of time, repeat traffic offenses, driving without insurance, DWI or DUI, or revoked license. A Sr22 is a type of certification that is a state determined penalty for drivers who continually break their state’s motorist laws. If a judge has required you to obtain a Sr22 then you need to find an insurance company that provides this type of policy. Without a Sr-22 you cannot legally drive your vehicle. If you are looking for a Sr-22 in Peoria you can find a reputable insurance company that specializes in this type of policy and has agents who can help.

Need Assistance in Filing Your Sr-22

If you need assistance in filing your Sr-22 an insurance agent is more than happy to help you. Matter of fact, an agent will also make certain you get an affordable coverage plan that fits within your requirements and budget. More often than not, drivers think when they have to acquire this type of financial responsibility certification it has to be expensive but this is not the case at all. Expert agents that specialize in Sr-22 policies ensure you get the correct coverage that is required by your state. They make sure to take care of all the details for you and explain to you what the purpose of a Sr-22 is for.

Importance of Not Letting Your Policy Lapse

Once you obtain a Sr-22 policy it is important you don’t let your policy lapse. If your Sr-22 policy lapses or is cancelled your insurance company is required by law to notify your state. This can cause your license to become revoked. The time frame to carry a Sr-22 policy varies from state to state but in some cases the minimum is about 3 years. If you would like more information about a Sr-22, contact Accurate Auto Insurance today by visiting their website.

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