Is There Overlap Between Commercial Auto Insurance in Santa Cruz and Regular Auto?

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Insurance


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There are three people in a moderate accident who all have auto insurance coverage. But, they are all denied and no payment is cleared by any of the insurance companies. The reason, in this fake example, is the reason for why all three people were on the road. The first driver was delivering a pizza. The second was delivering lawn care equipment. The third is an Uber driver. He didn’t have a passenger at the time, but he was active looking for a rider. None of them had Commercial Auto Insurance in Santa Cruz.

Commercial auto insurance is imperative for drivers who are driving for a business reason- whatever that business may be. Sometimes, the company offers coverage directly. This is the most effective means for property insurance coverage. But, in this tough economy, it is not always guaranteed and it is becoming less common.

There may be rare instances where regular auto insurance could cover the costs of a vehicle accident. But, it is never guaranteed. If the other driver was responsible, their insurance might cover the majority of the expenses. In that, the insurance company could pay for coverage in this instance even with non-commercial.

It is not something to be relied on. The moment the driver is at fault, it totally opens up the situation. This may be the only overlap between regular auto insurance and Commercial Auto Insurance in Santa Cruz. In a commercial-related incident, regular insurance will not go through. The vehicle does not have to be a commercial vehicle, like a mail pick-up truck or a UPS truck. For example, the driver could be in a regular Sedan. He is delivering pizza. This is not a clearly labeled commercial vehicle. But, the regular insurance still won’t go through because the driver was driving for commercial means. Even though he was driving for someone else, it is likely to insurance won’t work.

Commercial auto insurance from visit us website is essential for any driving doing work and making money while driving. Whether they are running a business or delivering a pizza, it is an essential aspect of proper coverage.

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