How to Get Affordable Car Insurance in Seattle After Marriage

by | Apr 29, 2016 | Car Insurance


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When someone proposes marriage, auto insurance is likely one of the last things on their mind; in fact, most don’t think of marriage’s effects on insurance rates. However, after the honeymoon is over, couples should consider combining their Affordable Car Insurance in Seattle. It’s typically cheaper for a married couple, but with a few stipulations.

You’re Likely to Save, Regardless of What You Do

Even if no action is taken, merely being married will have a beneficial effect on rates once a policy comes up for review. Most people can save up to 10% or more, even if nothing else changes. Insurers consider married people to be less likely to file claims than single people are, which makes them a lower risk.

When it Makes Sense to Combine Policies

To get an even higher discount, couples should consider combining their insurance policies. This step makes sense if both spouses have clean driving records and no recent coverage gaps. In addition to a lower rate, having a multi-car policy can often earn a discount from an insurer. Even if there’s only one car in the household, policy sharers can still earn a reduced rate, and further savings can be had if the customer buys their renter’s or homeowner’s policy from the same provider.

Take it For a Spin

Multiple factors determine what one pays for Affordable Car Insurance Seattle, and driving record is but one part of the picture. In some areas, insurers use a driver’s credit score in determining their rate, and one spouse’s bad credit can make the other pay more. Drivers should consider their car’s value, and they should obtain a quote for adding a spouse to their insurance before signing any paperwork.

When Policies Shouldn’t be Combined

Though married couples are supposed to share everything, there are certain cases where it makes no sense to Visit domain URL to combine auto insurance. If one person has a subpar driving record, separate policies could be cheaper. However, even those who don’t combine their policies could pay more simply for living with a higher-risk driver. Excluding this person could keep rates low, but the named insured is responsible for all damage they cause.

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