3 Good Reasons for Illinois Drivers to Install Dashboard Cameras

by | Oct 11, 2021 | Auto Insurance


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Increasingly, drivers are adding dash cameras to their vehicles—and for very good reasons. These small but mighty cameras can be extremely useful, especially if a driver gets a traffic citation or is involved in a roadside incident. Here are a few ways dash cameras can help Illinois drivers.

Proving What Happened in an Accident

Car accidents are incredibly traumatic events, and the trauma can adversely affect a driver’s memory of an event. Not only does that happen, but both sides are likely to have very different accounts of the things that happened. With a dash camera, drivers will have the footage needed to show what happened before and during the collision. This proof may help when filing a claim under Illinois vehicle auto insurance.

Avoiding Costly Tickets

Police officers are only human, and they make mistakes just like everyone else. If a driver gets a ticket and believes they didn’t commit the offense in question, dash camera footage may help to get charges dismissed. While it won’t help in cases where drivers are in the wrong, it will reduce the risk of officer errors.

Determining the Source of Door Dings and Dents

Some dash cameras stay on all the time, and motion-sensitive models can detect even the slightest impact. When something happens, these cameras store footage from minutes before and after the impact. This makes it easy to see what happened and file a claim for Illinois vehicle auto insurance.

Install a Dash Cam and See These Benefits

There are numerous other advantages to dashcam installation. These devices are easy to use, and they’re so affordable that anyone can install a camera in their vehicle. With options to fit every need and budget, there’s no reason not to have a dashcam. For more auto insurance tips, visit the experts today.

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