The Importance of Cap Table Management in Salt Lake City

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Financial Services


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Tracking with a capitalization table is a way to keep up on all the company’s securities. Cap table tracking lists such items as stocks, convertible notes, warrants or equity grants and who owns them. Cap tables can be more or less complex, summarizing groups, such as investors or founders, or augmented with formulas modeling potential transactions, such as a company sale or public offering.

Why are Cap Tables Important?

Cap table tracking is significant because it outlines how much of the company is owned by whom. How it does this relates to the company’s advancement and structure of ownership, which can play a part in knowing who makes decisions or fundraising efforts.

How to Make a Cap Table

Form follows function in cap table configuration, depending on the relevant questions. However some basic elements can keep a table organized:

  • Name of the stockholder
  • The amount of issued shares
  • Date of issuance
  • Straightforward and clear commentary
  • Disposition date for shares out of circulation

Updating a Cap Table

While cap tables should be easy to access and interpret, they should also have an efficient method for updates. Basic spreadsheets are fairly universal, but manual updates can take away time that could be better spent on relevant business.

Affordable cap table tracking software increases efficiency while reducing stress by enabling quick and accurate edits and updates without the need to manage ownership changes, control logs, AML compliance or cost basis tracking with complex formulas.

Software features can include:

  • Corporate governance tracking
  • Reduced legal fees
  • Automated reporting updates
  • Shared access
  • Online access
  • Support staff compliance
  • Ownership transfer by support staff

Contact a Cap Table Management Provider in the Salt Lake Area

A management services provider and stock transfer agent in Salt Lake City, UT, can provide personalized service and cost savings through innovative software for companies on the NYSE, OTC and NASDAQ. Call Colonial Stock Transfer Company, Inc. at 801-355-5740 or visit for any questions.

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