Recently Married Couples and New Parents May Contact a Life Insurance Company in Monroe MI About Financial Protection Tools

by | Mar 16, 2018 | Insurance


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With spring in Michigan comes an increasing number of weddings, a trend that continues through autumn. Around the time of marriage, this may be the first time someone has started thinking about buying a policy from a Life Insurance Company in Monroe MI. Especially after children are born or adopted, the need to make sure they are provided for in case a parent passes away begins to feel essential.

Life Insurance Through Employment

Some employees receive life insurance through the organization they work for as a direct benefit without having to contribute a payment. Many others do not have this advantage and must buy a policy. In many instances, the life insurance they have through work doesn’t seem like enough for their family’s possible needs if the worst happens.

Whole Life Insurance Policies

Another reason why young parents choose to buy extra insurance from a Life Insurance Company in Monroe MI is that they want a policy known as whole life. That coverage continues for a lifetime as long as the premiums are paid for the number of years scheduled.

Some money from the premium payments is placed in an investment account that gradually adds increasing cash value to the policy. Most policies allow the customers to borrow against the cash value or to withdraw some or all of it. Otherwise, that money can be used as an extra inheritance amount for the beneficiaries.

Consequences of Inadequate Coverage

Families that lose a breadwinner can face significant hardship if insufficient life insurance is available to provide money that could be used for housing, bills, and other necessities for the coming years. Without that money, a parent and children may be forced to move into a smaller, less satisfactory home.

Couples who will be getting married soon or have recently held their nuptials may contact an agency such as Insurance Center of Monroe for more information on life insurance options and prices. Those who did not look into this type of insurance previously but now are starting a family will feel even more compelled to buy some coverage. Contact information can be seen at Website.

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