How To Hire A Utility Tax Service Provider

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Financial Services


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Various states throughout the United States offer a program that provides qualifying businesses with utility sales tax exemptions. These exemptions may be on water, electricity, and natural gas, with states determining which utilities are included in the program.

Each state with the program, requires a predominant use study. There are currently 30 states providing utility sales tax exemptions. This study is typically completed by engineers familiar with the requirements for the given state.

Hiring the right utility tax service provider to complete the predominant use study and submit the required reports, documentation, and verification is critical to maximizing your savings in the future and claiming the refund for past utility taxes paid.

Look for Expertise and Experience

The predominant use study is a complex procedure that requires a complete understanding of the specific requirements of the state. For a business with multiple locations across the country, having one utility tax service provider with experience completing studies in all states is a significant benefit.

The predominant use study must be completed and verified to avoid delays in approval and costly corrections. Check the reputation of the company before hiring to ensure you are working with experienced professionals.

Services Offered

The best utility tax service provider focuses on customer service and support. They offer a complimentary review prior to the predominant use study to allow the business to have access to a feasibility analysis moving forward.

The provider should manage all aspects of the predominant use study, including submitting the required documentation to the state as well as to each utility for the refund.

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