Questions Involved In Obtaining An Insurance Quote In San Jose For A Condo

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Insurance


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In California, condominium associations maintain coverage for the entire property as a whole. They don’t acquire coverage that provides protection if any individual units are damaged or if any owners suffer a loss due to covered events. For this reason, the condo unit owners must obtain their own coverage. A local insurance provider offers a free Insurance Quote in San Jose for these policies.

Does the Condo Owner Have Pets?

The condominium owner must indicate when acquiring a free quote for property coverage if they have any pets. Property owners face common liabilities related to dogs, cats, and other pets that could produce injuries if they attack a visitor inside the property. Liability coverage will provide financial protection for condo owners after an accident happens in which a visitor sustains an injury.

Can the Condo Owner Need to Add a Rider to the Policy?

A rider is added to residential insurance policies when the owner has items inside the property that is of a high value and aren’t covered fully under the original policy. Typically, the insurance company requires an appraisal for these items to determine their exact value. This value is what the insurer will provide if the items are lost, stolen, or damaged during an event covered under the policy.

What is Covered Under the Master Policy?

The condo association provides details to the condo owner about what is covered under the master insurance policy such as the wiring, plumbing, or other permanent installations. Typically, the policies won’t present any coverage for the new owner’s belongings. The owner must choose their own condo policy to cover their belongings and any other items that require protection.

What is the Price of Premiums for the Insurance?

Typically, the condo insurance premiums are paid yearly according to the schedule set up by the owner. On average the cost of premiums is between $100 and $400 annually.

In California, condo associations won’t present full coverage for individual units when they are sold. The new owner must purchase condo insurance that provides coverage for all items they bring into the property. Condo owners who want to learn more about the policies can get a free Insurance Quote in San Jose by visiting website today.

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