Different Kinds of Business Insurance in Hamlin, PA

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Insurance


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When business owners establish themselves, one of the things they will need to secure their business is business insurance. In fact, it would be foolish to operate a business without insurance. There are so many problems that could cause the business to fail when insurance is not in place. There are also various areas of the business to think about. Employees have to be covered while they are on the job. Equipment must be covered against losses. There are agencies that offer Business Insurance in Hamlin PA. These are some of the different kinds of insurance that fall under the umbrella of business insurance.

  • Most business owners have a vehicle that is used for business purposes. That vehicle will require auto insurance that identifies it as a business vehicle. In addition, the employees who will drive the company vehicles must be insured also.
  • Business owners who have employees must have workers’ compensation. This type of insurance provides medical coverage and coverage for work-related disabilities for the employees. This is why it is mandatory.
  • Another type of insurance that falls under the umbrella of business insurance is property. A smart business owner will definitely want to insure the property against potential losses. It is a good idea to get a comprehensive policy for this type of insurance.
  • General liability and product liability are other insurance products necessary to operate a business successfully.
  • Life and health insurance are also insurance products that a business owner needs to have. With the rising costs of health care, health insurance is a must.

The Olsommer-Clarke Insurance Group, Inc. has been offering insurance products to customers in the Hamlin, Pennsylvania, area for more than 40 years. Some of the insurance offered are commercial auto insurance, liability insurance for employment practices, as well as specific coverages for restaurants, religious organizations, and manufacturing companies. They also offer bonds, packages for farm insurance, and liability insurance for cyber businesses. If business owners are looking for Business Insurance in Hamlin PA, Olsommer-Clarke Insurance Group is available to offer several options. More information can be gained by visiting the website website. They invite interested parties to contact them for a free customized insurance quote.

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